Interface Mirror Link NAVITECH

Interface Mirror Link NAVITECH

 Mercedes-Benz S, CL class  2010~

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2014 NAVITECH New Wireless Smartphone Mirroring Interface

Totally Whole New Experience in Smartphone Mirroring Device history.
NAVITECH is proudly introducing NAVITECH WSML (Wireless Smartphone Mirror Link) for iOS and Android system mobile phones.

Super faster than any other WSML products and Whole Installation procedure is done by only Connectors with our professinal NAVITECH engineers. Installation procedure is Warranty Safe and NAVITECH is giving promises to our customers about our New NAVITECH WSML.

● Compatible with all NAVITECH Video Interfaces.
● Doesn’t need Wireless Dongle or Apple TV for the system.
● 100% Pug and Play installation.
● Fastest Smartphone pairing and operationg speed.
● NAVITECH Video Interface Integrated SML (WSML) is provided
with additional RGB channel for GPS system.
● Crystal clear screen support with NAVITECH Video Interface.
● Manufactured and Designed in Korea.
● Applicated Vehicle models :

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Land Rover
  • GMC
  • Chevrolet
  • Peugeot
  • and Hyndai & KIA, even more.

● For the WSML (Wireless Smartphone Mirror Link) RGB
IN/OUT connection with GPS BOX (Navigation)

(1) GPS BOX RGB OUT connect to RGB IN of the WSML.
(2) WSML RGB OUT connect to Video Interface’s RGB IN.
(3) Video interface’s IR OUT (Orange wire) is connected to
WSML’s IR IN (Orange wire)
(4) Enter the remote control setting → HDMI setting →choose the model “NT201401”
(It will be enabled once you choose)
(5) Screen Switching will be made same as original menu button use.

NAVITECH Interface diagram01_TJ


All of the mirror link devices in the world market face the common issue of DISCONNECTION and GREEN SCREEN sometimes. Due to suppling for mirroring module to world market by only one company.
You should know below before you buy it.

1. Screen disconnections due to the diversity in the type of wifi signals in smart phones that makers use requiring constant updates.

2. iOS may sometimes display green screen when the smartphone’s LCD resolution is much higher than the car’s LCD.

NAVITECH, as one of the world’s renowned mirroring device supplier offer you devices with the highest stability and definition HD RGB outputs in the world that are made in Korea.