Interface Video para Volkswagen TIGUAN 2016

Interface Video para Volkswagen TIGUAN 2016

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Interface Video para Volkswagen TIGUAN 2016.

1. Car Compatibility New VW Tiguan 2016

2. Components Interface* 1EA, Sub-broad* 1EA

3. MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE input specification

  • 3 * A/V input (video external input)
  • 1 * CVBS(Rear Camera) input
  • 1 * Analog RGB input (Navigation system)
  • 1 * LCD input (Car system input)

4. MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE output specification

1 * LCD output

5. Power specification

Input power : 8VDC ~ 18VDC
Consumed power : 3.5WATT

6. Switch input mode

– External display skip function

: Through DIP switch, can control each video input

– Through remote control, can change input mode

– Through CAN or rear lamp cable, rear camera can be detected

Interface Video + GPS para Volkswagen TIGUAN

1. Input Spec. (VIDEO INTERFACE)
– 3 x A/V Input (Rear video source)
– 1 x CVBS(Rear camera) Input (Rear camera source)
– 1 x Analog RGB Input (Navigation System output)
– 1 x LCD Input (Car system Input)
2. Output Spec.
– 1 x LCD Output (LCD operation)
– 4 x Audio Select (12V power comes out from 4 wires of cable by video, Navigation mode)
3. Power Spec.
– Input power : 10VDC ~ 16VDC
– Power consumption : 6WATT in maximum level
4. Switching mode
– Skip function of input video : Able to skip each input source via adjusting DIP switch.
– Able to change a mode to another by using the mode switch.
– Able to change modes and get back to the OEM screen through the genuine buttons.

Clear high definition screen
 NTSC, PAL system support
 Mode exchange via the original buttons
 Control over the position of NAVI, AV screen
 Additional function of adjusting the screen size of NAVI

External GPS Navi box
Attached please find External Navi box